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How Long Does it Take to Make Ice Cubes?

How Long it Takes to Make Ice Cubes
How Long it Takes to Make Ice Cubes

Indulging in a cold drink is a great feeling. Even though ice isn’t as essential as other kitchen perishables or appliances, but you still expect it to be always available once you open your fridge. This article can teach you how to make ice fast. There are no magic tricks, just knowing what things affect water’s freezing point. Expect to make ice in 3 to 4 hours at home.

Things to Consider When Making Ice

Knowing how long to make ice cubes is important as well as knowing how you can make the process faster. At home, ice is usually made using a plastic ice cube tray divided into sections that can house a dozen ice cubes. But at times can be delayed if the refrigerator is not cold enough which you could troubleshoot before needing to schedule a service call.

Temperature is the main point to consider. Freezers at home normally use a standard Fahrenheit setting at 0 degrees. This temperature is ideal, and water can freeze quickly if you avoid putting other food at room temperature inside the freezer. The goal is to maintain the air temperature, and will lose its cold temperature  every time you open the fridge door. If you are noticing after hours that the freezer is not holding cool temperatures, it’s best to service the unit as it may need repairs, maintenance or getting rid of the refrigerator as a whole.

Next is to know the size of the ice cubes made. Have you ever wondered why ice cube trays are small and shallow? This is because a large block of ice takes longer to freeze. Similar to the concept of slicing meat into smaller pieces to easily cook, ice in a small size will reach freezing point easier. Aside from the size, the surface area is also important. An ice cube tray that allows airspace instead of merely using dividers to separate each cube will make the ice freeze faster.

Making Ice Cubes
Making Ice Cubes

Freezing Ice Cubes Faster at Home

Keeping in mind how long for ice cubes to freeze, now it’s time for you to apply what you already know. The temperature of the freezer is normally set at a standard-setting but you can still set it lower than the freezing point to make it most favorable for ice making. It will also help to ditch the plastic ice cube tray that usually comes along with the fridge upon purchase. A great hack to keep ice from melting fast is using a tray made of metal helps the freezing process, as compared to ice cube trays made of silicone or plastic.

Aside from setting the temperature for the freezer, also adjust the temperature of the water you’ll put in the trays. Use warm or hot water to fill up the tray, as it freezes faster than water at room temperature. This sounds weird but it is proven to be effective, and this phenomenon is referred to as the Mpemba Effect.

Freezing Water into Ice Cubes

Isn’t it frustrating to either go outside and buy ice cubes or fill up the ice cube trays until the water gets frozen? You need three to four hours to make ice cubes at home, but if you’re short on time, you may simply have ice delivered to your home – a very convenient and efficient way that many homeowners are now transitioning to. A local distributor of ice bags can be compared to a water bottle delivery service.

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